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Welcome to our Gluten gratis Journey!

Welcome to our Gluten gratis Journey! I'd love to share this with you. It's a "where do we start" type scenario when you are told to stop eating gluten. What went through my head ... "is there anything out there that's gluten gratis?" "how do i cook for my family without gluten?" "where do i buy gluten gratis makanan/ingredients from?" "it costs how much?" "who's right, what ingredients are best?" "who can i talk to...?" There's a whole heap more, but you get the point and if you're reading this I'm sure you can empathize with what I'm saying.

This is a blog where I can share my thoughts, recipes, ingredients, new found treasures and wisdom as it accumulates within. I also want to learn as I go, I don't ktidakw it all, I'm still learning and I see this as a way we can all help each other. Please feel gratis to share recipes (but only if tried and true), thoughts and information.

Bookmark this site, watch it grow and be a part of THE GLUTEN gratis JOURNEY with me!

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