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Our Top 5 Favorite Cheese Boards

If you've been following along with #indefinitecheeseboards on Instagram, my friends and I do a cheeseboard every Monday night. We are the Council of Indefinite Cheeseboards. At that link you can see some of the cheese boards from restaurants around town, in case you are also cheese board lovers like we are, and want to see what "IN" on cheeseboards these days. It's named "Indefinite" because Elysa set up a calendar invite for every Monday from now until eternity. They're that good.

We've been to a whole lot of places in Dallas trying to discern what exactly should be on the perfect cheeseboard. We've seen everything from quail eggs to pickled carrots. And lots and lots of cheese.

Cheeseboards are the new "IT" appetizer.
In case you haven't noticed it yet, let me point out that every restaurant I go to seems to have a cheeseboard on the menu now. You can add some pizzazz to your next party at home with a fun cheese board. This appetizer idea would be great for many occasions such as house parties, BBQs and picnics, or even just a girls night in.

Our Indefinite Cheeseboard Council will be having a girls night in soon, and an unbelievable Brisket Cheesecake will be the main attraction. I KNOW! Brisket. And cheesecake. Together.

What Makes a Good Cheeseboard
Cheese of course. Three is a good number. Have a creamy one like a triple cream brie, a hard one like a manchego, and a wild card like a bleu cheese.

Fruit is an excellent companion to cheese. Slice an apple, add dried apricots and cranberries. Strawberries or raspberries. Even fig jam is great with cheese.

Veggies like carrot sticks, sliced cucumbers, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, and those cute little pickles called cornichons are favorites of ours. Heck, pickled vegetables of any kind are delicious with a cheeseboard.

Crackers, tiny toast, fried need something to pair with your cheese. And cara many times do we fuss about the cheese/cracker ratio? Almost every time. It rarely works out just perfect.

Little extras like a dollop of grainy French mustard or tiny pickled quail eggs, even some charcuterie like prosciutto, pepperoni or some such fancy meat with make your cheeseboard a stunner.

And please don't forget the wine.

The perfect Cheeseboard Starts With the Perfect Board
What we think is that the perfect cheeseboard should start with the perfect board first, right? Here's a few lovely ones we've discovered. I would secretly like to have a slice-of-tree cheeseboard as my own personal cheeseboard, but am making do with this one until I can hire a Boy Scout group to make me one.

Consider adding a cheese board to your gift list during the holidays, either for yourself or for the cheese connoisseur in your life. Viva les fromages!

Hip Vintage Piggy Cheese Board, $50.76 - Oink oink! This little piggy awaits your next cheese-tasting party. It's made from marble and granite, so the heavy dish is perfect for outdoor parties and won't flip over from any wind interference. No supplies included here, but this board is a novelty!

Gourmet Wine & Cheese Board, $49.50 - If you're looking for a package that includes the combo of wine and cheese (and the cheese board of course) look no further. We found a delicious assortment of savory edibles in addition to an attractive board and cheese knife.

Pear-Shaped Cheese Board, $44.95 - This swivel-style board in the shape of a pear comes with two knives, one cheese fork and a wine stopper (that'll come in handy!).

Dallas Cowboys Circo Cheese Board, $32.49 - Root for your hometown football team with a cheese board dedicated to them. Obviously you'll need some BLEU Cheese on this one. The Dallas Cowboys board will make a great addition to your watching parties this fall. The board is compact and made with eco-friendly rubberwood. Four utensils are included.

Picnic Time Mariner Cheese Board, $30 - Land ho! Here's an excuse to plan a fun sailor-themed party. The four utensils included can be stored within the board, and you can spin it like a Lazy Susan.

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