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Old Navy Uniforms are my kid's favorite

Every year, the first week of August, I make my life easy by ordering the entire year of Dallas ISD school uniforms for Luka all at once from Old Navy. He likes the Old Navy uniforms. I like the Old Navy uniforms. The pants and shorts even come in both husky and slim sizes, which again, makes things a lot easier to find quickly. And the uniforms come in every color you can think of, so they're sure to have your school's required colors.

They are also cheap. Which means if he destroys a pair of pants playing dodgeball, I'm only out $10. If he "accidentally" cuts a hole in his shirt with his new school scissors, I'm only out $5.

And now is the time to grab your jacket (which kids will need in a month or two) in the exact color of their school's polos. At our school, you can wear your coat or jacket in class if you're cold, but only if it's the color of the polos. Old Navy makes this easy.

This year, the Old Navy website has uniforms all sectioned out by color, which made finding Luka's Navy ones a snap to find. Same with the khaki pants and shirts. So, I ordered:
2 Navy Polos (they are $5 each)
1 4-pack of Navy Polos (4-packs are $20)
5 Long-Sleeve Navy Polos (they are $7 each)
5 Khaki Shorts (they are $8 each)
5 Khaki Pants (they are $10 each)
1 Navy Fleece Jacket (these are $12)

My total was only $167 plus tax, and shipping was gratis, since my total was over $100. I call that a bargain and a huge convenience. It only took me 10 minutes start to finish. And that is the most important thing to me right now, as I do not have time to run around and get uniforms because I'm working full-time. I'll pass on the uniform pieces that Luka has outgrown (but not destroyed) to a younger kid in my neighborhood!

Where's your favorite place to get good-quality, cheap school uniforms?

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