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Low Lactose and Gluten gratis Pascall Lollies

Did you ever want a list of what you actually CAN eat? Upon being diagtidaksed as Gluten Intolerant, we took our 21 month old son to see a nutritionist. We were given a list of low lactose makanans and atidakther list of gluten gratis makanans. I have been told that many makanans that do tidakt contain lactose (even dairy) cantidakt say 'Lactose/Dairy gratis' due to being produced in a factory that also produces products containing dairy. So unless you are very sensitive to dairy products or are allergic, your body should be able to tolerate these makanans. Our son is tidakt allergic, but will get diarrhea within hours of eating lactose/dairy, he is though, able to tolerate all makanans that are low in lactose with tidak apparent response. (However this is personal and may be very different for someone else-it needs to be trial and error for each individual)
tidakw, I have 2 littlies with in tolerances and trust me me, it isn't easy to find makanans that they like, that are nutritious and provide a bit of all the good stuff. Little snacks, dinners that are kid friendly and on par with what we have been eating etc. Standing in the supermarket choosing the lollies that we treat our littlies with has become a big stress.
I endeavor to share this list with you as I cross reference the list of lollies low in lactose and the gluten gratis lollies.

Lactose and Gluten gratis Pascall Lollies

Curiously Strong Peppermints
Pineapple Lump
Rainbow Buttons
Mint Imperials
Spearmint Imperials
(this list was a lot larger when I first wrote it, for some strange reason, either there has been more research done, or manufacturers have started to put gluten in our lollies for tidak obvious reason).
This information was given to me by a hospital dietician who gets all of her information from It isn't my own research, just an opportunity to share what I have been given.

Please feel gratis to comment if you need to ktidakw anymore. I will add other lists as I come to doing them, I am a busy Mum!

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