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La Yapa Quinoa

You know you have a corn allergy when you see llama manure in a company's response and you get excited.

The following conversation was posted on our Facebook group as a Q&A with the owner of La Yapa quinoa:

"1.) Is your quinoa processed in a quinoa dedicated facility? Yes. It is a quinoa only facility located in Bolivia.

2.) How is the processing equipment cleaned? Just hot steam and pressurized water. No soap or bleach.

3.) Is you quinoa packaged in a quinoa dedicated facility? Quinoa and rice only in the packaging facility. Located in Sacramento, CA.

4.) What is used for pest control? Nothing is needed, because of the high altitude there are no bugs. Sometimes crops are lost due to rain but bugs are not an issue so they do not need pesticides.

5.) What is used for fertilizer? Llama manure."

This product is still being human tested. So it's unknown if it's safe in the packaging and shipping process. But it looks promising.

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