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Happy Valentine's Day!

Here's a little story about our Valentine's Day of 2023. Hubby made a surprise which he forget himselves actually. This is my late-valentine's-gift, a flower, a rose, a pink one! Wow, so not me -for the flower- and so not him who bought me a flower, LOL!

Back on the vals day, he was trying to be romantic like the others, yes, he bought me a flower and he hide it somewhere in our room (on the top of our closet actually). But he's tooootally forget of his own set-up and the valentine's day goes by with my little wishes of romantic surprise -deep inside- haha.

Few days later, while we're home and having some convo in bed, he's scrolling his social media and saw the picture of roses which posted by his friend. And yes, it's fortunately rings his bell of his own roses on top of our closet! Then he gave it to me to complete the surprises with a ticket and accomodation for our babymoon on that weekend.. Yay!

For my dear hubby, nice try dude! But you know, that's why I love you more and more each and every day..❤️

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