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Fashionable Accessories Make Wardrobes Stretch Year Round.

Sometimes the easiest way to transition your wardrobe from one season to the next is to just add a few accessories. Scarves are my all-time favorite way to turn a summer outfit into a fall outfit. Here in Texas, we really don't have seasonal clothing so much as a layering system. I wear most of my clothes year-round and count on accessories and layers to make the same clothes seem new every season.

5 ways to turn a summer outfit into a fall outfit
1. Add a scarf
2. Wear boots instead of flats with that outfit
3. Add a cardigan to that short sleeve shirt
4. Add a long sleeve t-shirt under that short sleeve shirt
5. Wear tights with that skirt or dress instead of having bare legs

We've rounded up a list of lovely accessories for fall that you'll find in stores and on-line, and with bold colors and styles, you'll definitely find some items to love. Mix and match these treasures to add new staples to your closet.

Open Weave Window Pane Scarf, $14.99

Women's Woven Fringed Scarf, $10.99

Marc by Marc Jacobs Rosegold watch, $275

Supersoft Leggings, $14.98

Betsey Johnson Pink Floral Necklace, $47.99

Cocktail Ring by Sofia Vergara, $2.74

Classic Club Sunglasses, $14

Brixton Hat, $17.99

Cobalt Blue Bag, $39.99

Gold Bracelet, $41.99

What are some of your favorite accessories to wear during the cooler months? Email readers, click here to see the roundup.

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