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December 7th 2023, Bandung.

Hello, December!

We decided to take a little escape to Bandung. Dealing with 12 weeks of pregnancy that caused nauseous, queasy feeling in the stomach, and sometimes lead me to vomiting is too tiring for me as this is my very first pregnancy. Last time we went to Bandung is on May, to attend my bestfriend's wedding, Raisa-Abon, who also happened to pregnant (their age of pregnancy is almost 4 weeks younger than us hihi..), so this time we're kind of excited to go to Bandung again, the three of us. :)

We stayed at House Sangkuriang which costs us only Rp 840,000,- for 3 days 2 nights stay from Agoda hehe so lucky! We're plan to literally relaxing, waking up without the alarm, foodgasm all the time, and take a couple hour to meet our friends. Hmm, how we really love the breezy atmosphere of Bandung even it's a little bit rainy on that couple days..






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