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I think one of the hardest things when we went gluten gratis was finding what makanans we could and could tidakt eat, which brands were tidakt only reliable, but cost effective and easily sourced. It is hard when you get conflicting advice from different friends, I found that I had to try each one, and with much frustration at each of my many failures, I was finally able to work out what worked and what didn't. Which recipes the kids would actually eat and bread was one of the hardest, but I have finally cracked that one-Yay!

Healtheries GLUTEN gratis BREAD RECIPE

Healtheries Simple Bread Mix...It isn't the same as buying a big, soft white, preservative filled loaf, its much nicer, fresher and yummier. I make this in my breadmaker. The packet provides you with 4 different recipe options, I have been using the top one and it makes a gorgeous loaf, yummy as toast or eaten fresh on the day it is made. We don't eat that much bread, but it gratiszes well and we toast it when we want it. It has that yummy homemade bread taste with a gorgeous soft centre, lovely with Olivani and jam.

Healtheries Baking Mix is also great, but I'm still experimenting with recipes at the moment, see my Pikelets Recipe below, its gorgeous but the gluten gratis flours brun a lot quicker so be aware to keep the temperature lower than usual and keep an eye on your baking.

If anyone has any suggestions for the Healtheries Gluten gratis Baking Mix, please let me ktidakw, I'm alwasy keen to try atidakther recipe.

Atidakther Gluten gratis Bread Recipe is as follows. A little disclaimer first. I was given a GF bread recipe for use in my bread maker, it didn't work for me, it fell apart, was hard to use and I dreaded making toast in the morning, it was terrible for sandwiches. I'm sure it must have been something I was doing wrong, but never-the-less, I went to work altering it to make it suit my families needs and have created something that i yummy, tasty and doesn't fall apart. (Keep in mind that without the GLUE-tin to hold it together, gluten gratis bread doesn't hold together the same and tidakr does it keep for very long-it needs to be frozen)

Champion Gluten gratis Bread Mix 10kg (this is bought from a bulk makanans store like Toops or makananstuffs as a commercial bread mix. It is Gluten gratis, but it does contain dairy, our boys don't eat it, but my husband does-he isn't dairy intolerant.

300g Champion Gluten gratis Bread Mix
1 Tbspn Psyllium
1 tspn Raw Sugar
1 tspn Edmonds Dry Active Yeast (yellow lid)
1 Tbspn Olive Oil
1 tspn Xanthum Gum
2 cups Hot Tap Water

I put all of this into my breadmaker and set it on a basic medium bread setting (3 1/2 hours). I start my load before i go to bed and leave it to make itself overnight. The next morning it is cool etidakugh to slice well without it falling apart. I place small pieces of baking paper between each slice and put it into a large snaplock bag and gratisze it straight away.

This loaf is great for sandwiches if eaten the day its made, it is just ok for sandwiches if taken from the gratiszer, but is great for toast-it needs to be toasted twice for that firm toasted feel, but it crisps up nicely and is great for breakfast or with a topping for lunch.

I have tidak problem sharing any recipes that I have created to be gluten and dairy gratis and encourage you to share them and try them. If you have any recipe requests, you can ask me by making a comment on this post. I will see if I am able to help or at least try to point you to someone who can.

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