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American Ska Oral History Book Update #1

I want to wish any of the readers of this blog a hearty hello! While I have neglected to post here regularly for some time, its because I've been very busy working on the book I'm writing, which is an unnamed oral history about the key reggae and ska bands that gave birth to a uniquely American version of ska music!

Moving forward I will be posting updates and excerpts from the chapters I'm writing. Since January, when I started this endeavor I've conducted well over 100 interviews with musicians, club owners, promoters, DJs, record company executives and fans across the U.S. and supported its growth and I've finished drafts of the first three chapters of the book.

As a first update, here is an interview I did with my editor at DiWulf Publishing about the impetus for the book and my initial experiences writing the book.

Thanks again to the many readers who continue to visit the site. I'm writing this book for anyone who loves ska mucis as much as I do!

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