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8 Clever Supplies for Your Office Desk

"I want your job to be your refuge from your life."

 My CEO said that to me recently. I took that to mean that I should dig out all my Animaniacs toys from the early 90s and decorate my desk. I dunno, I feel especially motivated by tiny critters that say "HELLOOOOO, NURSE!" and "NARF!" don't you?

Also, I like to pin all my "meeting notes" on my wall.

Jazz up your office desk with unique and inspiring items, and I promise you'll feel happier when your favorite, colorful items surround you.

cara to Accumulate Just The Right Office Decor
1. When your personal favorite cartoon is licensed to McDonald's for Happy Meals, eat a happy meal for lunch every day til you have the whole collection. (cara do you think I got the Animanics toys, y'all?)

2. Go check out Tuesday Morning or Michael's. I have found some pretty darn cute patterned office supplies for fairly cheap at both of those stores. Nothin' like a matchy-matchy paisley stapler and file folders, eh?

3. Go retro: visit vintage stores, garage sales, heck, even your parent's attic and find some amazing treasures to glam out your office, vintage style. Take a page from the book that is my friend Melody's office, er, classroom. She's the queen of kitch…she even had her office radiator sweater bombed.

4. Pick a team, and go all-out. Sure, I went to art school. We have no team. We don't even have colors. But, my office mate Valerie has decided that I should adopt the Baylor Bears, her alma mater, as my team. She even went so far as to drive me to Baylor so I could see THE BEAR. They have a bear on campus, people. A real live bear.

5. Here are eight clever products we rounded up that can help you create a functional and stylish work space. Feel gratis to customize these items with your favorite colors, patterns and sports teams.

Get-Spotted Note Card from Michaels, $47.99

Fashion Pencil Cup from Staples, $5.99

Gumball Desk Lamp from Urban Outfitters, $69.99

WallPops 4-Piece Calendar Set from Staples, $22.99

Teal Appeal Notepad from BooksAMillion, $3.14

Bridgette Business Card Holder from The Pflatzgraff Co, $16.99

Baudville Hardcover Journal with Pen from Staples, $14.49

Memorex EB60 In Ear EarBuds from Staples, $17.99

Email readers, click here to see the roundup.

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