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32 Weeks Pregnant

April 20th, 2023 ; our 32 weeks of pregnancy

You're growing my dear and mommy's already gaining about 12-kilos since the first examination (wow, that's a lot). My sleeping time is getting difficult. Sometimes the only way I can get any comfort is to lie with my back to my husband as he cradles my body to support me with having a chat with the baby inside. Other ways to get comfort is to put a pillow to support my bump while I sleep with my left-side position and that would be the the best help. Mommy got several pregnancy symtomps all over again like the first trimester of pregnancy such as flatulence, bloating, constipation (most of the time), dizziness, hemorrhoids, leg cramps, itchy abdomen and sensitive breasts and nipples. But for whatever it is, I'm willing to feel any kind of disturbing-symtomps for you my dear, as long as you keep healthy inside my belly until the day we meet each other and gather as one little family with daddy. We love you.

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