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14 After School Snacks {That Look Like Little Creatures}

After school snacks are a huge struggle. What I've figured out this this: the cuter the snacks are, the better chance I have of Luka eating them. What little boy wouldn't want to eat food that looks like bugs and other tiny creatures?

These ideas use most things that you already probably have on-hand in your kitchen, like hot dogs, raisins, carrots, and peanut butter. Have fun with your kiddos making and eating these creatures. You can find more fun ideas like these on my Pinterest Board called Kids Eat This.

I wanted to make a collection of easy ideas to refer to for the school year, which started last week. Easy things. Cute things. Things that Luka might actually eat after school.

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Check out After School Snacks {That Look like Little Animals}
by Lea Ann Stundins at

This collection of 14 little creature after school snacks ideas includes:
Cheese Wedge Mouse: A fun new way to eat your Happy Cow cheese wedges.

Creepy Corndog Centipedes: Add legs to your mini corn dogs and watch 'em walk off the plate.

Garden Octopus: A veggie and dip combo that will get lots of giggles.

Apple and Celery Tasty Bugs: Turn peanut butter celery into bugs and snails.

Swimming Fishies: Sandwich snack time has never gone so swimmingly.

Green-eyed Kitty Sandwich: Meow! This cat's where it's at.

Clementine Chicks: Peel and Peep!

Fruit & Cheese Butterfly: Even little fingers can fill these wings.

Crabby Crabwich: Cutest croissant sandwich ever made.

Penguin Appetizers: What's black and white and delicious after school?

Hotdog Caterpillar: Turn a hot dog into a bug? Absolutely.

Chickie Eggs: The cutest hard-boiled egg your kids will ever eat.

Cheese Mice: A few simple ingredients and you'll have a cute little mouse in your house.

Ladybug Tomatoes: Cherry tomatoes make perfect little ladies.

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