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10 Cute Backpacks for Boys and Girls

Dinosaurs, kitties, Ninja Turtles. Send your little kiddos back to school this year with a backpack they'll love. We've rounded up 10 adorable backpacks that will delight the little ones as they prepare for a new school year. Because as you know, it's more than just a bag to hold your books…it's your personality and status symbol!

School Backpack Tips: 
Go through your kid's backpack looking for homework assignments, notes from the school, stray crayons that could melt in there (yep, that happens here in Texas) as soon as they come home from school (not the morning before they run out the door). This will reduce your stress in the morning!

Add a luggage tag to your kid's backpack, so that if it gets separated from your kid in after school activities or left at the bus stop, everyone will know who to return it to. You can put their school and teacher's name on the tag, instead of their home address to protect their personal information.

Have a place by the front door (a bench, a chair, a hook) to keep your kid's backpack. Hang it there when they get home. Hang it back up there when they finish their homework. Make sure it's hanging there when they go to bed so there's no searching for it in the morning.

Girls Backpacks

Boys Backpacks
Pokemon, $9.74

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